About Us

Our founder, James Beriault, an ocean conservationist and naturalist became increasingly frustrated with the growing problems of ocean based pollution, disregard for the marine environments through out the world and the looming prospect of irreversible damage to the oceans.  He’s personally watched this deterioration over the past 30 years and he’s convinced it’s due to pollution, high levels of mercury in our land and water and other chemical toxicants plus the billions of tons of CO2 being dumped into our atmosphere yearly.  During his frequent trips to Hawaiian islands he has come face to face with the growing problem of Plastic Pollution.

As a strong advocate for the oceans and beaches of the world, the question he asked himself was, “what can I do to make a difference for our oceans?”  To start, he joined environmental groups, donated money and wrote letters to legislators.  This small amount of activism led to an important epiphany, he needed to create an organization that utilized multi-media, marketing, communications and works to change the minds and perspectives of people around the world.  “We need a global awakening of our consciousness, to realize what we are doing to our planet and to ourselves before the damage is irreversible and we lose something of tremendous value… that would be a universal in-justice, a crime against ourselves and nature, its time we start thinking about Ocean Justice,” said Beriault.


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