Industrial Toxins

The Onslaught of Industrial Toxins

Our air, water and soil are being bombarded by a complex and lethal cocktail of industrial waste and by-product. Right now, the levels of mercury in our oceans has increased by a factor of 3.4 since the start of the industrial revolution, mercury levels in women in the US and Europe have increased, and the rate of neurological illnesses have been epidemic. The main culprit is coal. There is no such thing as clean coal, its waste, its burning is lethal. Not to mention it is responsible for 43% of all CO2 emission in the world, and is increasing. We stand by one solution to coal, and that’s the ending of its use immediately – world wide.

Our oceans are being deluged by a proliferation of cosmetics (plastic beads), prescription drugs and household cleaners. Farm runoff (pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers) are creating massive dead zones along our coastal regions (search Gulf Dead Zone), mining residues, industrial spills, oil spills, oil waste, fracking, and cargo ship pollution account for a staggering amount of pollution. It’s frankly amazing that we have not seen more damage at the rate of discharge of these materials, but we can expect to see more die-off of marine life, and eventually, it will be our turn, there is no way to fully sustain and survive our own commercial greed at the rates of chemical discharge being introduced into the environment. Unregulated growth and commercialism is dangerous, just look to Beijing if you need further evidence.

Right now there are more than 30,000 untested chemical compounds that are in our commercial stream – being sold to us, marketed to us, and we have no idea what these “secret” chemicals are, their chemical makeup, and how they affect us. Our politicians are bought and sold, and there isn’t anything you can do about it with the current state of US and world politics. Our politicians are owned by energy companies around the world, and they bow to every whim without regard to the human and animal population who must deal with the outcomes. All chemicals are innocent until proven guilty and good luck proving which of the 30,000 untested compounds caused your tumor, your cancer, your child’s autism, ADD, allergy or asthma. Chemicals are not people, they are dangerous until proven otherwise – that’s eco-justice, that’s responsible stewardship, that’s how its suppose to be.

There can be no justice when the system is rigged.

There can be no justice when corporations run the game.

There can be no justice when humans are dispensable marketing test subjects.

There won’t be justice until you fight back.


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