Marine Pollution

The crisis of marine pollution

Our oceans are sick. Millions of tons of trash, shipping waste and land-based pollution enters the largest eco-system in the world (our oceans), and most people are completely unaware. Ocean Justice believes that this is not just a US based issue; every single country that borders a body of water contributes to the dilemma. Countries like China are a major contributor due to non-existent regulations, unfettered capitalism and a policy of looking the other way. Third world nations contribute huge volumes of trash due to non-existent landfills, recycling programs, and then the major shipping routes are replete with bilge waste, trash expulsion and cargo loss. All totaled, the millions of tons of trash (of which most is plastic) gather in the 7 gyres of the world, creating an unbelievable floating (and sinking) depository of our world’s need for convenience and its eventual discarded remains.

This pollution is affecting sea life, marine mammals, and now humans. If you eat seafood, you are being exposed to plastic (embedded in fish tissue), toxic waste such as mercury, radioactive elements and heavy metals.  This trash is killing thousands of birds, turtles and cetaceans as they confuse floating plastic debris for food. In order to stem the tide of trash and pollution, new regulations need to be enacted on a global scale, consumers need to be made aware that they are primarily responsible for the problem, and their habits have to change, and lastly, manufacturers of plastic films, plastic bottles, rope, ties, netting, cups, lids, utensils need to be taxed and fined for clean up resources. Both manufactures and consumers are at fault, and the blind eye and finger pointing must end.

This crisis  is solved by legislative initiatives, consumer awareness and consumer responsibility. Throw away societies need to be held responsible, and the dollars raised by taxing and fining need to be deployed into clean up. Ocean Justice is dedicated to creating media that will permeate minds and change behaviors.


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