Our Campaigns

What is the mission of Ocean Justice?

When you look at all the ocean based non-profit and for profit organizations in the world, they fall into four distinct categories: intervention, legislative, activism and awareness/education. All four are vitally important when trying to achieve change – you need to stop and block offenders, change laws, get the public on your side and continually educate. Not every organization can achieve all four internally, each have specific strengths and abilities.

Ocean Justice was formed to change minds and change perspectives. Our goal is to get you to realize certain truths through emotional content, extrapolation and self-awareness. Our particular strength is in graphics, multi-media, media buying, TV campaigns, billboards and apparel (messaging). We believe that you need to narrate beyond just social media, and be where the masses reside, be in their media, their choices, their environment and shake them awake to an issue. This also means buying media outside of the U.S. to launch campaigns in other countries, to inspire uprising and enact change.

Our goal is to have our first campaigns launched in 2015, we are currently fundraising, writing grants and garnering monies.



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